on a mission.

We have an obsessive enthusiasm for one thing: changing people for the better.

We hold a deep sense of responsibility to create a sustainable company that empowers people for success. One that people can trust to be ethical and transparent. To stay true to who we are, every company decision is based on these guiding principles.

  • What we say is what we do
  • Doing right is the only option
  • People (and their success) are the first priority
  • Positively impact every person we come into contact with
  • Community is our culture


If you want the truth, it’s easier to be a distributor than it is to start a network marketing company. But sometimes, the easy road isn’t what you’re called to do.

After 12 years in the industry, we became disenchanted with the status quo. We were tired of seeing good people, who were trying to improve their lives, being taken advantage of.

When we could no longer find a company we trusted to build a team with, we knew it was time to fix the problem and create our own.

“We were asked: Why are you doing this? And the answer is simple: because we can! Success for us is defined by how many people are better off because we are here.

The bar has been set so low in Network Marketing that companies have lost sight of the real reason why they exist.

At NAVAN, we’re raising that bar. We’ve created a community that will support you and a culture that breathes excitement and hope for your future.

People are searching for more. We are opening that door and pouring hope on their dreams.”

To make this company and our community worth building, we have to do what’s never been done before: create transparency and really put people first. This simple yet disruptive idea will set a new industry standard and give people an opportunity that makes the effort to succeed worth it.

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